Badminton Vs Pickleball (Which game is easier to play)

Badminton and Pickleball are two popular sports that derive from similar origins and offer a fun way to exercise and stay active. As the popularity of both sports has grown, so have their differences. This article will compare Badminton and Pickleball to help people decide which sport is best for them.

Badminton Basics Explained


Badminton is a racquet sport that is played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. The game aims for players to score points by hitting the shuttlecock with their racquets over the net and landing it on their opponent’s side of the court. 

Although it may be played with larger teams, badminton is usually enjoyed as a single or doubles game. It can be an intense and fast-paced sport requiring quick reflexes to catch the shuttlecock before it hits the ground. 

Players must also have good endurance since they must move quickly around the court while keeping track of where they are in relation to each other and where they should place themselves to make sure that they return every shot made by their opponent.

Pickleball Basics Explained


Pickleball is a sport on the rise, with people of all ages and skill levels participating. It’s an indoor or outdoor racket paddle sport where two or four players in doubles hit a perforated hollow polymer ball over a 36-inch-high net. The game combines elements of tennis, badminton, table tennis, and racquet sports – making it a great way to stay active and have fun. 

The game’s objective is for one side to get the point by volleying the ball until it can no longer be returned over the net. Pickleball has many rules, such as keeping track of score increments up to 11 points. Players can also win games by having at least two more points than their opponents when they reach 11 points.

Is Pickleball Similar to Badminton?

Pickleball is a sport that has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its combination of the play styles of badminton, ping-pong, and tennis. Is Pickleball similar to badminton? The answer is yes, but it’s also much more than that. 

The game consists of two or four players on a court half the size of a tennis court using paddles and a plastic ball with holes like you would find in ping pong. Just like badminton, the objective is to hit the ball over the net without allowing it to bounce twice on your side. Tennis rules apply for serving and scoring points.

Which game is easier to play: Badminton or Pickleball?


Pickleball is considered easier to play than badminton due to its wide range of skill levels; it allows for beginners and experts alike. The game requires less power from the players than badminton, so it is much easier on the body and more accessible for those who may not have enough strength or agility for other sports. 

Additionally, Pickleball’s net height makes it simpler for players to make shots which are often too tricky in badminton. The smaller court size also helps beginners learn the basics quickly while having plenty of fun playing with friends or family.

Frequently Asked Question

What Are The Court Dimensions Of Badminton?

The badminton court measures 13.4 meters long and 6.1 meters wide, forming a rectangular shape that serves as the playing field for two opposing players or teams. This allows each player enough room to move around freely while maintaining a safe distance between them and their opponent. 

The net should be placed in the center of the court with a height of 1.55 meters from ground level at its lowest point, increasing slightly towards either end by 5 cm for every 0.50-meter rise in length up to 1.

What should be the height of the pickleball net?

Pickleball is a popular game that requires a net to play. The pickleball net’s height can impact any match’s outcome, so all players need to know the correct height. 

The official rules state that the pickleball net should be as high as 36 inches at the sidelines and 34 inches from the middle. This measurement applies to indoor and outdoor courts and ensures that all players can enjoy an even playing field. It also helps ensure no one player has an unfair advantage over another by making it easier or harder for them to reach certain shots depending on their court positioning. 

Regulating pickleball net heights not only does it keep games fair but also encourages players of all levels to challenge themselves and improve their skills in order to gain victory in any match they play.

Does a fair badminton play burn fat?

Yes! According to research, badminton can help you burn over 300 calories per hour while playing a singles match or 500-600 calories in an hour when playing doubles. That’s enough to keep your metabolism high and eliminate those extra pounds. 

Moreover, badminton encourages fast footwork, which helps tone the legs and glutes and builds up core strength and stability. The constant movement also keeps the heart rate elevated for extended periods, which helps build endurance.

Is Pickleball Easy On Your Body?

According to physical therapists and medical experts who specialize in sports injuries, the answer is yes. The game requires slower movements than other sports, such as tennis or squash, which means less strain on joints like hips and knees—two areas that are particularly vulnerable to injury due to age or excessive physical activity. Pickleball also involves less running than many other court sports, which further reduces stress on the body’s joints.

Badminton VS Pickleball Conclusion

Both badminton and Pickleball offer players a fun and exciting way to stay active. Each sport has its own unique set of rules, court size, and equipment, allowing for different levels of challenge.

Badminton requires more agility and quicker reflexes than Pickleball, while the latter requires more precision and strategy. Depending on personal preference, either sport can be played with friends or family in a friendly atmosphere.

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