10 Best Pickleball Balls for 2023 [For EVERY Player]

We have compiled the top picks of pickleball balls to help you choose the one that will deliver maximum performance and comfort. The best balls for pickleball offer excellent control, spin, and exceptional durability – all of which are important factors in an enjoyable game. Whether you’re a beginner or play like the pros, there is surely a pickleball ball that will fit your skill level perfectly.  These balls are sold a lot and were high in demand in 2022 and now we updated the list for you so you can enjoy your game in 2023 as well! 

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PCKL Optic Speed Pickleballs

Sub Title

  • The PCKL Optic Speed pickleball ball is designed for long-lasting use. Its sturdy construction ensures that it won’t crack or break easily, making it ideal for regular play over extended periods of time.

Quick List Best pickleball balls for 2023 – Outdoor pickleball ball & Indoor Pickleballs

  1. BEST Overall: PCKL Optic Speed
  2. Best Outdoor Pickleball Ball: Onix Pure 2
  3. Best Indoor Pickleball Ball: Franklin X-26
  4. Best for Beginners: Penn 40
  5. Best for Intermediate Players: JOOLA Primo
  6. Best to Buy balls in Bulk: Franklin X-40
  7. Best for All-Weather: Onix Fuse G2
  8. Best Quality Pickleball Ball: Dura Fast 40
  9. Best Tournament Ball: SLK Competition
  10. Budget Pick: Tourna Strike

1. Best Overall Top Ball: PCKL Optic Speed

Best Overall Top Ball: PCKL Optic Speed
PCKL Optic Speed

Do you want to take your game to the next degree, but you’re not sure what to buy? Look no further than PCKL Optic Speed Pickleballs! This 4 pack includes four vibrant color balls in the same pack, so you’ll never lose track of the ball during a rally. 

But these balls are more than just pretty – they’re also designed with extreme durability in mind. Precision seam welding ensures structural stability, no matter how hot it gets outside.

Plus, each ball is built to adhere to USAPA specifications for tournament-level playability. And with 40 precision-molded holes, you get the perfect balance and spin for maximum control.

Whether playing in tournaments or having fun with friends, PCKL Optic Speed Pickleballs will give you the edge you need. So why wait? Get ready to dominate the pickleball court with PCKL Optic Speed Pickleballs now!

PCKL Optic Speed more color balls

Technical Details:

  • Brand PCKL
  • Color Outdoor Neon Green
  • Sport Type Pickleball
  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎7.09 x 5.83 x 2.91 inches
  • Package Weight ‎0.14 Kilograms


  • Super vibrant
  • Great balls for the outdoors
  • Durable Pickleballs


  • Difficult to see on the courts 

2. Onix Pure 2 – Best Outdoor Ball

Onix Pure 2 - Best Outdoor Ball
Onix Pure 2

If you’re looking for the ultimate pickleball experience, then the Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls are a must-have! Crafted specifically with outdoor pickleball in mind, these stylish yellow pickleball come in a 6-pack and boast True Flight of the ball, Authentic Bounce Technology, Exceptional Durability, and Better Balance. 

The smaller holes on these balls deliver improved rebounds while also being resistant to wind interference, ensuring you can get the best performance even on windy days.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional player, Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls will provide top-of-the-line quality and performance – something not to be missed. Get your set today and witness excellence firsthand!

Technical Details:

  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎9.41 x 6.34 x 3.03 inches
  • Package Weight ‎0.16 Kilograms
  • Item Weight ‎0.35 Pounds
  • Brand Name ‎Onix
  • Color ‎Yellow


  • Work extremely well
  • Durable
  • Excellent balls for a good price


  • Too soft

3. Franklin X-26 – Best Indoor Pickleball Ball

Franklin X-26 - Best Indoor Pickleball Ball
Franklin X-26

If you desire to take your pickleball game up a notch, then the Franklin Sports X-26 Performance Indoor Pickleballs are perfect.

These balls are approved by the USA pickleball for tournament play. For a good reason – they’re designed with a precisely balanced flight pattern and superb balance and stability due to their 26 beveled holes. 

Plus, their EVA construction means you get an ultra-durable bounce that won’t break down over time. And if you’re playing in bulk, worry not! You can get 12 balls per package, so you never have to leave the court to grab more picks when your game starts heating up.

Personalize your pickleball experience today with the Franklin balls!

Technical Details:

  • Brand Franklin Sports
  • Material Plastic
  • Color Lime Green
  • Item Weight 26 Grams
  • Sport Type Pickleball


  • High bounce
  • Pretty durable
  • Long-lasting


  • Cracked less than a month of use

4. Penn 40 – Best for Beginners

Penn 40 - Best for Beginners
Penn 40

Looking for the perfect outdoor pickleball ball? Look no further than the Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball Balls. Get ready to revolutionize your outdoor pickleball experience with the Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball Balls.

From HEAD Performance, a leader in modern athletic equipment, these great balls are designed to provide you with unbeatable playability and superior bounce.

And they’re not just good for recreational or club play; they’re USAPA approved too! But what sets them apart is their 40 precision-drilled holes which provide unmatched consistency and true pickleball durability. 

So if you want to maximize your outdoor games, look no further than the Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball Balls – it’s guaranteed to take your pickleball game to the next level!

Technical Details:

  • Brand Penn
  • Material Plastic
  • Color 6-Pack
  • Sport Type Pickleball
  • Number of Items 1


  • Last a long time
  • Bright yellow color
  • Good consistent bounce


  • It’s a little heavy

5. JOOLA Primo – Best for Intermediate Players

JOOLA Primo - Best for Intermediate Players

Level up your pickleball game with the JOOLA Primo Pickleball Balls 4 Pack! Sponsored by World #1 Pickleball Player Ben Johns, these 3-star tournament indoor or outdoor balls have been expertly designed to give you superior performance. 

With an exceptional and consistent bounce, all thanks to 40 precision drilled holes that reduce the impact of wind – you’ll be dominating the pickleball court in no time! Plus, the polyethylene material is formulated to perform consistently in all weather conditions, so you can keep playing on no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. 

Highly visible yellow colors provide a confidence boost for your game as well. You don’t want to wait any longer – make your pickleball skills stand out with JOOLA Primo Pickleballs!

Technical Details:

  • Brand JOOLA
  • Material Plastic
  • Color 4 Pack
  • Sport Type Pickleball
  • Number of balls 4


  • Well made
  • Great value


  • Slightly thinner

6. Franklin X-40 – Best Ball to Buy in Bulk

 Franklin X-40 - Best Ball to Buy in Bulk
Franklin X-40

If you’re serious about taking your pickleball game to the next level, the Franklin Sports X-40 Pickleballs are a must-have. Meticulously crafted with 40 precise machine-drilled holes, these official size and weight balls provide an unusual flight pattern and consistent spin for every ball.

The no-seam, one-piece construction also provides outdoor courts with increased durability – repelling dents and cracks like a hardened pro. USAPA-approved for tournament play, you can trust that these 100 packs of X-40s will meet all regulations. Increase your game’s accuracy and total control with Franklin’s Outdoor Pickleballs now!

Ready to play right for those match days with this incredible product that offers excellent performance and reliability when it counts the most? With fewer mistakes and more confidence on the court, you’ll be able to outplay any opponent in seconds flat – without fail every time!

Technical Details:

  • Brand Franklin Sports
  • Material Blend
  • Color Optic Yellow
  • Item Weight 6.5 Pounds
  • Sport Type Pickleball


  • Long-lasting
  • Good bounce


  • Crack easily in the cold

7. Onix Fuse G2 – Best for All-Wheater

Onix Fuse G2 - Best for All-Wheater
Onix Fuse G2

Introducing the Onix Fuse G2, the official outdoor pickleball ball of the PPA and APP Tours. From its durable construction to its top-notch balance, this ball offers all the features you need for tournament play outdoor use.

The Fuse ball is a unique outdoor pickleball ball, thanks to its superior seam welding, making it 3x more durable than the original Fuse. Plus, with its strategically-drilled holes and USAPA regulation size, you’ll enjoy complete consistency between your indoor or outdoor pickleball games.

Try the Onix Fuse indoor pickleball today and experience maximum control and precision when you hit the court or beach! With this pickleball ball, you can expect nothing but excellence from start to finish.

Technical Details:

  • Brand Onix
  • Material Plastic
  • Color Fuse G2 – 6 Pack
  • Item Weight 0.1 Pounds
  • Sport Type Pickleball


  • Durable
  • Have a better bounce
  • Great for outdoor play


  • Not too soft

8. Dura Fast 40 – Best Quality Pickleball Ball

Dura Fast 40 - Best Quality Pickleball Ball
Dura Fast 40

Ready to make your pickleball game even better? Introducing DuraFast 40 official outdoor pickleball! Dura fast 40 balls are approved for tournament play and are made with official USAPA IFP regulations in mind. 

This means players who like to play can enjoy their competitive fun while staying safe and playing within the rules. These Pickleballs offer an unbeatable combination of speed, accuracy, and bounce.

They are built to perform and fly true, straight, and fast. With 40 drilled holes for consistent flight and bounce, Dura balls are perfect for any game where speed is key. They offer a softer, more forgiving ball than much standard pickleball, making them perfect for new players and those who want an easy time playing fast-paced games.  

Pickleball balls are made with high-quality materials and construction to last 3-10 games in harsh conditions. This pickleball is durable and withstands weather conditions and regular use on a court surface.

Technical Details:

  • Material Plastic
  • Color Neon
  • Item Weight 0.06 Pounds
  • Sport Type Pickleball


  • Durable Pickleballs
  • Good price


  • Not a good ball for beginners

9. SLK Competition – Best Tournament Ball

SLK Competition - Best Tournament Ball
SLK Competition

Selkirk SLK Competition Ball is the ideal outdoor ball for high-level performance. Designed with competition players in mind, it has a unique polymer blend that ensures maximum durability and playability, even after long sessions.

Selkirk SLK provides a consistent bounce and spin to hit shots with confidence and accuracy. Maximize your performance on the court with this top-of-the-line outdoor pickleball ball. Featuring 40 precisely drilled holes for consistent and reliable flight, bounce shot after shot; you can trust that your play won’t be affected by external factors when using this ball.

This enhanced neon ball offers strong visibility in all lighting conditions so that you can stay focused and on top of your game. The ball’s advanced design ensures that it maintains its bounce and flight consistency over hours or even days of play, making it an excellent tool for competitive sports like a tennis ball. The ball size, weight, bounce height, and hardness have been carefully tested to meet the official tournament specifications of the USAPA.

Technical Details:

  • Brand Selkirk Sport
  • Material Rubber
  • Color Lime (Outdoor)
  • Age Range (Description)


  • Great durability and bounce
  • Solid and affordable


  • These balls wobble badly

10. Tourna Strike – Best Bang for Your Buck

Tourna Strike - Best Bang for Your Buck
Tourna Strike

If you’re looking for an outdoor pickleball that meets the strict standards of USAPA IFP Specifications and gives you unparalleled performance, Tourna Strike Outdoor Pickleballs is the answer. Constructed with premium materials, they meet all of the specifications outlined by the USAPA IFP (International Federation of Pickleball) for size, weight, bounce, hardness, and design.

These meticulously crafted balls provide players with a consistent and reliable performance every time. Perfect for any outdoor court, this pickleball comes in a convenient 12-pack, complete with an easy-to-store mesh bag. Enjoy hours of fun with your friends and family without worrying about losing any balls.

With a diameter of 74mm and a weight of 24.5 grams, these balls are ideal for all skill levels – from beginner to pro. This pickleball features a lively bounce and mid-range hardness, providing a true and fun feel. Perfect for all outdoor surfaces, they offer great spin control while still allowing players to get maximum distance out of their shots.

These balls feature 40 small precisely drilled holes to minimize wind interference and ensure a balanced, straight flight path, so you can effortlessly control your shots. With their high visibility yellow coloring, you’ll always keep track of your ball.

Technical Details:

  • Brand Tourna
  • Material Plastic
  • Color Optic Yellow
  • Sport Pickleball
  • Item Diameter 74 Millimeters


  • Work well
  • Low priced balls
  • Durable


  • Too light

How to Choose the Best Pickleball Balls?


Before buying pickleball balls, it’s important to consider durability. Durability should be a top priority since you need the ball to withstand many hours of hitting and bouncing across the court. Whether you are playing recreationally or competitively, having quality balls that won’t crack or break easily is paramount for successful play.


The texture is an important factor in picking out pickleball balls. The bounce and control you get from a pickleball ball depend on its feel or indoor surface texture. Balls with a matte finish provide more spin than glossy finishes, while textured surfaces provide greater grip for improved control during play.


The ball’s material will affect the speed and spin of your shots, making it important to choose one that meets your needs. Here are some key points to keep in mind when selecting pickleball balls to ensure you choose the top ball for your game.

First, consider what type of material you need for the play you’ll be doing. If you’re playing indoors or on a harder court surface, look for a denser-type ball with greater control and spin potential. On the other hand, if you’re playing outdoors on grass or sand courts, opt for a softer material to reduce bounce and provide more accuracy when smacking shots back and forth across the net.


When it comes to color, yellow or white are generally accepted as standard pickleball colors. Yellow offers greater visibility for those playing in bright outdoor conditions. White is a better option for indoor pickleball courts or if players have difficulty seeing yellow against a light background. No matter what color you choose, ensure that all your balls match so that everyone knows when a new point is beginning.

What Are the Different balls Types of Pickleball Balls?

Within the world of pickleball, different types of balls are available on the market for indoor play or outdoors. Indoor balls are designed to handle the wear and tear of indoor courts, often made with durable materials like solid rubber or foam cores. On the other hand, outdoor balls come in two varieties; those made with hard plastic shells or softer ones lined with felt-like cloth material. 

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor balls

Knowing the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball ball is important when playing pickleball. Outdoor balls are typically made with thicker plastic than indoor balls, making them slightly heavier. This is mainly because outdoor play requires more grip and durability, which a thicker plastic can provide. 

In addition to being thicker in material, outdoor balls have smaller holes than their indoor counterparts. The size of these holes helps players adjust the speed of their shots by controlling airflow through the ball.

What are the official pickleball balls?

Pickleball is played all around the world & a fast-growing sport, with many enthusiasts looking to know exactly what the official pickle balls are. The official ball for pickleball is known as the Dura, manufactured by Pickleball Inc. and is considered the highest quality of the balls available on the market compared to other practice balls that are made in 2022 and these can be used for indoor and outdoor play. I can guarantee you that after playing with these listed balls, you will don’t want to play with other cheap quality balls.

The Dura has been designed indoors using advanced polymers and engineered with exact specifications to meet USAPA tournament standards. The ball has 26 holes, providing a consistent bounce while also providing better control over shots. 

What is a good weight for a pickleball ball?

The 7 – 7.6 oz range is considered lightweight and has become increasingly popular among advanced players as it allows for greater control and maneuverability. Balls also offer an increased spin effect, allowing players to add more power to their shots. The lighter weight makes it easier for advanced players to perform precise shots with minimal effort, making this range an ideal choice for those seeking greater control during play.

What is the best material for a pickleball ball?

Hard plastic is one of the most common materials used to make pickleball balls. It has been around for decades and is a reliable material that can hold up to regular use. Pickleball is made with Hard plastic also durable enough not to break easily to last for years, even with constant play. 

What is the Best brand of pickleball balls?

There are several to choose from when it comes to finding the best pickleball brands. Onix pickleball balls are renowned for their quality and durability, making them popular among amateur and professional players. Their nylon core design provides great speed and control during gameplay for an enhanced playing experience.

Core Pickleball Balls offer an exciting spin on the traditional game ball. These high-performance balls feature a patented core material for maximum spin potential and improved ball control in any court condition. The unique dimpled surface also helps reduce air resistance so you can get more power behind your shots every time.

Day 1 Sports Pickleball Balls are designed with the serious player in mind. They feature a three-piece construction that ensures optimal flight stability while allowing excellent accuracy and control when hitting the ball hard or soft.

What color is pickleball ball easiest?

Orange is the most popular color in pickleball, but do you know why? The orange ball is also eye-catching and easy to see and plays an important role in gameplay.

When playing pickleball, having a ball that’s easy to spot can make all the difference. Orange is one of the brightest colors available, making it easier for players to keep track of their shots on the court. 

Why Does Outdoor Pickleballs Have Smaller Holes?

The size of the holes on a pickleball affects its aerodynamics drastically. A larger hole increases drag and reduces lift, making it more susceptible to windy conditions. Making the hole on an outdoor version smaller reduces drag and ride, allowing for more control over where the ball goes when hit hard or into gusts of wind. This helps players stay in rallies longer and experience fewer mishits due to sudden changes in flight from strong winds. 

What Are The Official Pickleball Ball Specifications From the USAPA?

For a pickleball to be considered “official,” it must meet certain requirements set by the USAPA (United States of America Pickleball Association).

The official pickle balls are made of plastic and have a weight range between .78 to .935 ounces and a diameter range between 2.874 to 2.972 inches. The official ball should also have 26 evenly spaced round holes that are 0.12 inches wide, allowing for better airflow around the ball when hit with a paddle. Additionally, all official balls must bear the USAPA logo or trademarked insignia.

Summary of Top Pickleball Balls

Reviewing the best pickleball, There are many great pickleball balls on the market. Each ball offers varying features to fit different needs and preferences. Ultimately, it comes down to user preference when deciding which ball is best for pickleball play. No matter which ball you choose, consider each option’s sizing, weight, and bounce. Considering these factors, you can find a ball that meets your pickleball needs.


PCKL Optic Speed Pickleballs

Sub Title

  • The PCKL Optic Speed pickleball ball is designed for long-lasting use. Its sturdy construction ensures that it won’t crack or break easily, making it ideal for regular play over extended periods of time.

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