How to Beat Bangers in Pickleball? (8 RIGHT Steps)

Recently, a new trend has been on the rise; players are now incorporating bangers into their pickleball strategy to gain an edge over their opponents. Bangers in Pickleball involve utilizing power shots to put pressure on your opponent, often resulting in points being easily won. 

The banger shot requires precision and timing, as you must be careful not to hit out or give away an easy point. The technique involves moving quickly up to the net and hitting a powerful shot that will leave your opponent scrambling for a return; this is especially effective when combined with a partner who can set up the perfect angle for your shot.

How to Beat Bangers in Pickleball?

Beat Bangers in Pickleball

Playing Pickleball against bangers can be an intimidating experience for some players. After all, the power behind their shots can seem overwhelming. But if you want to win against these opponents, you must learn how to beat them with skill and strategy. You can beat bangers in Pickleball by following these tips: 

Embrace the Chaos

It’s a typical pickleball match. You’re up against your most challenging opponent yet, and they are hitting bangers left and right. How do you beat them? Some may think that the answer lies in perfecting their skills, but the truth is that often the key to victory is learning how to embrace the chaos of Pickleball. 

The core concept of Pickleball is simple: get to the ball first and hit it harder than your opponent. However, when faced with an onslaught of powerful shots from your competitor, staying focused on this goal can take a lot of work. That’s why players need to accept that there will always be chaos in a game of Pickleball and learn how to use this chaos as an advantage rather than seeing it as a hindrance.

Hit a Deep Return of Serve

If you need help to beat bangers in Pickleball, a deep return of serve can be the key to success. A deep return lands close to the back line, making it difficult for your opponent to hit a winning shot. By using proper technique, you can keep your opponents off balance and gain an advantage over them. 

To execute this strategy effectively, you must master the proper footwork and body position. Start by positioning yourself far back from the baseline, so your feet are just inside the non-volley zone or kitchen area. To create a deep return of serve, shift your weight forward as your opponent serves and then quickly drive into the ball with good follow-through on your swing.

Aim for Their Weak side

Aiming for their weak side, you can gain an advantage over bangers and always come out on top. Aiming for the weak side of an opponent requires you to analyze their playing style and find the weaknesses in their defense. 

For instance, if a player moves too far away from the net during volleys, you should focus on hitting deep shots towards their backhand side as they will need help to reach it and return the ball effectively. Similarly, if they have difficulty returning serves with spin, focusing your serve closer to their body can give them an edge in the rally.

Let the Balls Go Out

Letting the balls go out refers to hitting your opponent’s ball back gently and allowing it to drift out of bounds. This tactic can be quite effective when used correctly because it will force your opponent into taking risks on shots that may not be successful, thus giving you an advantage during rallies. 

This technique can also help you conserve energy by limiting the amount of running required. By learning how to let the balls go out correctly, players will improve their pickleball skills and stand a better chance of beating their opponents.

Work on Blocking

You can beat even the toughest bangers in Pickleball with some strategic blocking techniques. Blocking is an essential skill in Pickleball that takes practice to perfect. The most crucial thing in blocking is a reasonable stance; keep your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly, and spread your arms out like a spiderweb. That way, you can cover more of the court and anticipate where the ball will go next.

Combat Strong with Soft

The key to success against a banger is to combine power with finesse. The best way to combat strong shots from your opponent is to use soft serve shots that force them into making mistakes or misjudging the ball’s direction and speed. 

Soft-served shots should be strategically placed so that your opponent has difficulty returning them accurately while still being able to maximize your own scoring opportunities. Additionally, it’s essential to mix up your serve types to catch your opponent off guard and keep them guessing.

Keep Your Shots Low

If you’re looking for tips on beating bangers in Pickleball, keeping your shots low is the best way to do it. Low shots are more difficult for the banger to hit, especially if they expect a high volley. This technique can be particularly effective if you have a reliable partner who can keep up their end of the court and feed you balls that will give you time to set up your low shot. 

This tactic makes it harder for your opponent to hit the ball back at full force, but it also leaves them off-balance as they try to move around and adjust their position to return the shot. By mastering this approach, you can gain an advantage over even the most aggressive opponents and become a better player!

Keep Them Guessing

Knowing how to adjust your gameplay using creative shots and strategy will give you the edge when competing with experienced players. 

One of the best ways to beat experienced players is to keep them guessing. Use varying speeds on your shots so they won’t be able to predict where to move next or what type of shot they should prepare for. This may involve mixing up your serves, using more finesse than power on some shots, or working the angles instead of hitting straight down the middle.

How to Beat Bangers in Pickleball Conclusion

Pickleball can be a great way to exercise and have fun with friends. Beating bangers in Pickleball can be a challenge, but with patience and practice, anyone can do it. As you continue to play and gain experience, you can use these tips to develop your winning strategy. Don’t forget that practice makes perfect – so keep playing and working on your strategy until you beat those bangers!

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